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[vcex_icon_box heading=”” icon=”book” icon_color=”#8ecad6″]Welcome to our Barbados Blog—your doorway to this exotic island paradise. This blog will help you make the most of your Barbados getaway no matter your interests. With insider information, unique tips, and advice you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll get to know our beautiful island long before you ever set foot on it.

Caribbean islands are known for their sandy beaches, crystal waters, and frosty drinks. Barbados is no exception. But if the seaside is all you see while here on Barbados, you’re missing out![/vcex_icon_box]

Map of Barbados

The picturesque green hillsides of the Scotland District, the deep jungle feel of the interior forests, exciting exploration in the underground, cocktails and world-class dining just minutes from shops, golf courses, and exclusive yacht club marinas—Barbados is a tropical island unlike any other.

From its tribal history through its days as one of Britain’s most affluent colonies in the New World, to today when the jet set elite and laid back travelers alike call Barbados their home away from home, Barbados has lived a long storied life. Each layer has added to the rich culture overlain on the unique geography of the Lesser Antilles and created a completely unique experience you won’t find anywhere else in the Caribbean.

With so much on offer, Barbados may overwhelm an unprepared traveler. Follow us for all the “Best of the Best” on the “Bimshire.” You’ll find a little bit of everything to help you pick and choose between destinations, activities, dining and more to help plan the best tropical vacation you’ve ever had.

Relax in luxury, luxuriate in adventure, or explore—the choice is yours. Barbados is your playground!