Parish of Saint Thomas

The Parish of Saint Thomas on Barbados

The parish of Saint Thomas on Barbados sits neatly in the middle of the island. One of only two landlocked parishes, it is home to a number of natural wonders both above and below the ground. While some visitors see St. Thomas as a pit stop along the way, other, more adventurous individuals have dug a little deeper and found out just why this secluded parish a real gem.

But, if you are too busy to stick around, St. Thomas is centrally located and just a short ride from attractions in the parishes of Saint Michael, Saint George, Saint Andrea, Saint Peter, Saint Joseph, and Saint John. In fact, some of the attractions in the parish of Saint Thomas are wonderful distractions that can help you break up a hectic vacation schedule.

Parish of Saint Thomas

Must-See Attractions in the Parish of Saint Thomas

Harrison’s Cave

This natural formation of limestone caves stretches for miles underground. Discovered over 100 years ago, this cave system was “lost” to the public until a trio of explorers uncovered them again in the 1970s. Step inside the cool interior of Barbados and marvel at “living” stone growths, mineral rich pools, and a 30 foot waterfall. A short tram ride takes you through the cave where you can witness nature at work. Harrison’s Cave also makes an excellent escape from the afternoon sun so plan your trip accordingly.

Welchman Hall Gully

This forested gully is nearly one mile long. The depression was actually created by the collapse of limestone caverns (linked to the same system as Harrison’s Cave). The area is now a tropical garden filled with exotic plants and animals. Sharp-eyes enthusiasts will also spot common edibles that many people never see in the wild like nutmeg and clove. Between the months of January and July the gully is also home to two troops of wild green monkeys that pass through to feed. Watch them from a distance or check scheduled feeding times to see these playful primates up close and personal.

The Moravian Churches

The parish of Saint Thomas is home to two of Barbados’s historic Moravian churches. Built shortly after the missionaries landed on Barbados in 1765, these churches were founded by Czech missionaries who felt it was their divine duty to bring the word of God to the Caribbean. Interestingly, these New World congregations were some of the first to not only accept but openly recruit African slaves in the Western Hemisphere.

Earthworks Pottery

This funky and friendly artists’ studio features live pottery demonstrations and souvenirs to remember your stay by. A short trip up the brightly colored stairs and you’re in the studio/showroom featuring crockery (both art and functional pieces), wall art, statement pieces, and more from a number of island potters. You can watch as skilled craftspeople spin natural native clay on the wheel and produce unique keepsakes and useful everyday items.

If you have to pass through the parish of Saint Thomas on Barbados, make time to stop. There’s plenty to see and do even if this isn’t your intended destination.

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