Parish of Saint Andrew

The Parish of Saint Andrew on Barbados

The parish of Saint Andrew on Barbados is one of the most pristine and unspoiled on the island. With rolling green hills, long beaches perfect for beach combing, and many nature preserves spread throughout, St. Andrew is a wonderful place to simply get away if you’ve spent too much time on the West Coast. And in recent years the government of Barbados has really stepped up its nature preservation efforts to protect the less touristy parts of the islands. If you want to get a taste for what life was like before Europeans discovered Barbados, travel through Saint Andrew.

Parish of St. Andrew

Things to See and Do in the Parish of Saint Andrew on Barbados

The Beaches of Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew is home to some of the longest beaches on the island. While these aren’t covered in the pristine white sand of Barbados’s Platinum Coast, they’re plenty beautiful and perfect for a relaxing day of sunbathing, people watching, or a simple picnic meal in a romantic setting.

Mount Hillaby

Barbados is famous for its rolling hillside and rugged cliff faces. These natural features are the reason a portion of the island is called the Scotland District. However, though the elevation changes quite a bit from parish to parish, Barbados’s tallest point doesn’t sit that far from sea level. In fact, Mount Hillaby –in the heart of Saint Andrew parish–wouldn’t even be considered a mountain in other parts of the world. This prominent mound sit a mere 1,100 feet above sea level. However, from atop Mount Hillaby you can get some breathtaking views on a clear day. Take in the full 360 degree panorama and enjoy the beauty of Barbados.

The Scotland District

Thanks to its resemblance to the Highlands of Scotland, a portion of the parish of Saint Andrew has been lovingly nicknamed the Scotland district. These rolling green hills and outcroppings of rugged Cliffside would be at home in the north of Great Britain but instead there located in Barbados, near the equator where the weather is tropical and the trade winds are warm. While you can drive through the Scotland District, there are also a number of hiking trails that crisscross this natural wonder. These trails range in difficulty from novice (perfect for a daytrip) to those suited for more experienced trekkers.

Tuner’s Hall Woods

Tuner’s Hall Woods offers another wonderful opportunity for nature lovers to get up close and personal with the native flora and fauna on Barbados. This pristine nature preserve features miles of trails, gorgeous vistas, and plenty of photo opportunities and is often also less crowded than many of the other nature parks on the island.

Morgan Lewis Windmill

The only intact sugar mill on Barbados (and one of only two in the whole Caribbean) Morgan Lewis Windmill let’s history buffs actually see how sugar cane was processed before the advent of electric power. Listed as one of the “Seven Wonders of Barbados,” this windmill is operated by the Barbados National Trust. Between the months of December to April there are daily demonstrations of cane pressing during which you can sample the sweet nectar that made Barbados such a prosperous British colony.

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