Parish Of Saint Philip

The Parish of Saint Philip on Barbados

The Parish of Saint Philip on Barbados encompasses the southeastern most point of the island. It’s the single largest of all the 11 parishes on Barbados and is considered by Barbadians to be “The Country” portion of the island. Here you’ll find an abundance of farms, very small villages (there are not true cities in Saint Philip), and some of the most beautiful beaches on the eastern coast.

Parish of Saint Philip

The Geography of the Parish of Saint Philip on Barbados

St. Philip is unique among the eleven parishes of Barbados because it is not only one of the lowest (with altitudes very near sea level across the parish) but’s it’s also one of the flattest with very few hills. This particular geography lends itself well to commercial farming which is why some of the largest agricultural and animal husbandry operations on Barbados are found here.

The Beaches of St. Philip on Barbados

Crane Beach and Bottom Bay are two of the most gorgeous beaches along the eastern coast of Barbados. While the seas can be a bit rough for swimmers, the fine sand, bright sun, and sea breezes make for an excellent sunbathing (and people watching) experience. In fact, Crane Beach is so popular that it is regularly voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world.
Keep in mind that the majority of the beachfront property in St. Philip is owned by resorts. Depending on where you choose to visit there may be restrictions or small fees to access the ocean.

Sightseeing in the Parish of St. Philip on Barbados

If you need a little break from the sun and sand (and who doesn’t from time to time) there’s plenty of other sights to see in St. Philip.

Sunbury Plantation House

This historic plantation house was built in 1660 By Matthew Chapman (though his unexpected death stripped the family of ownership shortly after the building was completed). Like many such manor houses on Barbados, this beautifully constructed gem was actually a functional part of a sugar cane plantation.
Today Sudbury Plantation House is open to the public daily and is the only Great House on Barbados with all of the rooms open for public viewing. You can also dine in style at the two-hundred-year old table during the affordable buffet-style lunch and dinner served daily. The home has played host to numerous special functions and is available for private parties like weddings and receptions as well.

Ragged Point Lighthouse

Ragged Point Lighthouse sits atop the cliffs at the eastern most point on Barbados. This venue offers some amazing views and incredible photo opportunities for amateurs and professionals alike. Stroll along the cliff tops and it’s easy to envision yourself on the White Cliffs of Dover but without the need for a woolen sweater.

Bushy Park

For a little local excitement visit Bushy Park. This facility hosts regular rally car races where local drivers push the pedals to the metal for high-speed fun under the sun. Check the official website for race times and make Bushy Park a part of your day’s itinerary.

Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park

If all of this island exploration has worked up a thirst, learn about the rich history of Barbadian rum (and sample some yourself) at the Four Square Rum Distillery. This sugar cane plantation sits on 8 acres of manicured grounds–through much of which you can wander. The distillery was built back in 1636. While most of the original structures have been replaced over time, the interior of the sugar factory and the outbuildings have been lovingly restored. You’ll get a first-person perspective on what it was like to be a wealth sugar cane merchant in the 17th and 18th centuries.
From historic homes architectural masterpieces to bright and beautiful natural wonders the parish of Saint Philip on Barbados offers a little something for anyone.

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