The Parish Of Saint Lucy

The Parish of Saint Lucy (St. Lucy) on Barbados

Saint Lucy is one of the eleven parishes (and one of the six original ones) on the tropical island of Barbados. The only parish named after a female patron saint (Saint Lucy of Syracuse) it is often overlooked by visitors who tend to stay either inland or along the western coast of the island. However, the magical views and natural wonder of St. Lucy are nothing short of spectacular and draw hundreds of thousands of adventure seekers every year.


The Geography of St. Lucy

The Parish of Saint Lucy rests at the very northern tip of Barbados. Unlike many of the other parishes on the Western coast of Barbados, St. Lucy is rather unspoiled and has been left to its natural grandeur. Here you will find miles of rugged coastline where the Atlantic has carved caves, bays, and even blowholes out of the porous rock the forms the base of the island. Much of the shoreline is rocky and inaccessible and swimming is not advised on any of these beaches due to high strength currents.

But just because it’s a little more rustic than its neighbors doesn’t mean St. Lucy is boring. Far from it!

Interesting Sites in St. Lucy

Surfers congregate in Maycocks Bay – the only real beaches in the parish – where the surf is almost always excellent. However, if you’re inexperienced, stay out of the water—just watch from the shoreline.
And if it’s sight you’ll want to see the other inlet bays offer gorgeous panoramas that are sure to please: bright blue waters, lush green vegetation, rocky hillsides, and deep blue skies. While Little Bay and River Bay are beautiful in their own special way, the views along Cove Bay are simply breathtaking.

Animal Flower Cave is another natural wonder. Discovered in 1780, this natural formation has a coral floor that’s estimated at over 5000,000 years old. Once deep under the ocean (even at low tide) geographical shifting has forced this cave to 6 feet above the high tide mark so it’s accessible any time of day.

History buffs will no doubt want to check out both Harrison’s Point lighthouse and north Point lighthouse which shine out over the Atlantic. Also the Saint Lucy Parish Church, an historic Georgian building with a characteristic Anglican tower, has sat in the heart of the parish since it was rebuilt in 1837. The church is one of the original six parish churches built on the island and features an amazing stained glass piece behind the altar.

How to Get to St. Lucy

From the Barbadian Capitol of Bridgetown St. Lucy is roughly a 30 minute drive (depending on traffic) right up 2A and A which run just inland of the coast. Coastal routes are more scenic but they add mileage and considerable traffic delays—keep in mind the west coast of Barbados is the most populated (and popular) region on the island. If you’re relying on taxi transportation the cost can be significantly higher than you would expect based on experiences on other Caribbean islands.

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