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Luxury Homes in Barbados For Rent

We offer a beautiful range of short and long term luxury private homes for rent in Barbados, from stunning villas to exclusive apartments that can accommodate large groups of friends and families holidaying together

Wonderful, colorful, vibrant and romantic Barbados

Barbados – the top vacation getaway in the Caribbean–is an escape to paradise unlike any other. Its tropical climate is moderated by gentle breezes that keep visitors comfortable while they explore natural delights like surfing on the east coast (some of the best in the Caribbean), diving and snorkeling on the reefs that gave it its original Arawaken name “red land with white teeth,” and inland adventures in the national parks, botanical gardens, and intricate cave systems. The island heats up at night and during the carnival-like Crop Over festivities as Barbadians (Bajans as we call ourselves) express joy for life with original Calypso and Soca music spilling into the streets. Unlike other Caribbean islands, Barbados’s rich economy allowed a more refined experience to develop in this former corner of the British Empire. Discerning travelers will enjoy the class and distinction of the west coast country clubs, white sand beaches, marinas, and sports offerings like golf, cricket, polo, and horse racing. The adventurous will adore the east coast with its rugged façade, rolling green hills in the “Scotland District” and crystal blue waters. In fact, there’s something unique to for you to discover in each of the 11 Parishes on the island, so much so you won’t be able to experience all the magic of Barbados in one trip!

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Island luxury living at its best: Our highly trained staff and team of concierges combine complete care and attention to detail to provide an effortless Barbados home rental holiday experience. Stay at any of our luxury villas, homes or apartments during your tropical getaway and experience perfection.


Each of the extraordinary Barbados rental properties in our collection is hand-selected villas and apartments, appraised using the highest standards of convenience, aesthetics, and luxury. They’re more than a comfortable place to stay they’re your home while you’re here on our beautiful island of Barbados

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Three days or three months—how long will Barbados enchant you? Each rental property in Barbados is available with a minimum occupancy of 3 days in the low season and 7 days in the high season. Exceptional long-term rates are available for occupancy of 30 days or more. Contact us to learn more


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Let us drive you safely to your Rental Property


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We can fill your fridge before your arrival


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Relax at home with your own Private Cook

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Hire a Captain and sail around the Caribbean waters


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Discover Barbados at your own pace


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Restaurants and Entertainment Recommended and Booked

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A complete list of our properties to rent with amenities and features on one map


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Search villas and apartments for rent by arrival and departure dates and by the number of people staying


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